About us

So, why did we start United Spaces in the first place? Stylish spaces and espresso machines? Sure, we have them, but that’s never been what we’re about. We set out to create inspiring spaces where unexpected meetings happen. That’s how we help people and companies to grow. But don’t take our word for it, simply try it for yourself.

Actually great workspaces? We’ve been developing ours for two decades

There has to be a more inspiring way to work. That’s what we thought almost 25 years ago when we founded United Spaces, making it the first coworking space in the world (yes, it’s true!). Since 1999, we’ve tried every conceivable idea when it comes to workspaces. So, it’s no coincidence that we know what works. What makes inspiration flow, what lifts productivity and what actually gives you a sense of well-being.

Having said that, we’re still far from done. If there’s one thing we love, it’s development. Join us on our ride to create a magical place to work.

25 years of United Spaces

For over two decades, United Spaces has been a hub for innovation, learning and networking. Since the start back in 1999, the core idea has remained the same: to create a meeting place where interesting people do business and grow together.


Göran Garberg and Lars Rydén come up with the idea for United Spaces. Our first coworking space opens on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.


We open our second space. This time in the Norrebro district in central Copenhagen.


The Stockholm office on Kungsholmen becomes popular – and too crowded! So, we move across the water to Söder Mälarstrand, to new premises in Munchenbryggeriet.


An exciting opportunity arises to secure an entire floor at Vasagatan 11 in the heart of Stockholm. We take the leap, marking our departure from the southern part of the city – for now.


After six wonderful years at Vasagatan, it’s time for our next chapter: the newly constructed Waterfront Building near Central Station in Stockholm. Here, we develop an entire floor spanning approximately 23,600 square feet.


United Spaces expands to Gothenburg and Malmö – not a moment too soon! With these new openings, we take further steps toward becoming the leading coworking provider in the Nordics. Exciting times ahead!


United Spaces becomes a subsidiary of the real estate company Castellum. Why? To strengthen our position as pioneers – and secure access to the best locations.


We’re expanding rapidly, opening six new locations this year! We acquire fantastic spaces in Rådhuset in Uppsala and at Torsgatan in Stockholm. In Göteborg, Östra Hamngatan is expanding – and we’re launching United Spaces Lindholmen on Hisingen.


Our eleventh spot is now up and running in the greenest part of Helsingborg, Oceanhamnen – a few steps from the city center and even closer to the sea.


We’re opening up right in the heart of Jönköping. More specifically, in the modern office building known as Werket. We look forward to a great time in this vibrant city!

“We’re in this together”

Johanna Fre / Marketing and event coordinator

”At United Spaces, we support each other. Whenever there’s an issue, our collaborative approach comes into play. This sense of togetherness is a hallmark of United Spaces, no matter which location you visit.

I’ve been part of this community for two years, and I must say, I love it. I have colleagues all over Sweden and even the other members feel like colleagues. There’s a welcoming and warm culture that makes it easy to thrive.”

What we believe in

We grow together

Meetings are what it’s all about. That’s where insights and ideas are born, businesses form and partnerships bloom. We’ve always been more than just a workplace – we’re a vibrant meeting ground. Our mission? To make connections and open doors. That way, everyone grows.

One size fits no one

We understand that every individual is unique, and the same goes for our companies. That’s why we customize our office solutions and services for each business. We genuinely enjoy learning more about who you are and what could make your workdays a bit more enjoyable. Finding the perfect solution tailored just for you is our favorite game!

We embrace progress

We’re always exploring ideas and new ways to improve ourselves. Because what doesn’t evolve will eventually dissolve. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. We’re a curious bunch who’s always eager for more. Because the best solution might be just around the corner…

”We genuinely want to understand what you and your company require and connect you with other members who align with those needs. Simply, helping you grow. According to our members, we excel in providing top-notch service – and that fills me with immense pride.”

emelie mannheimer / CEO / United Spaces

Come work with us

We’re always looking for people who can help make United Spaces become better, easier, more effective, or simply: more fun. Could that be you? Visit our career page and explore the possibilities.

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