Coworking Helsingborg

Discover the best coworking in Helsingborg, right in the heart of Oceanhamnen. Here, you’ll find versatile workspaces, an inspiring environment, and a community of creative individuals. All that’s missing is you and your colleagues. So, what’s stopping you? Come grow with us!

Coworking spaces

Bistro & bar

1200 sqm

7 meeting rooms


You’ll find us in Helsingborg’s newest and greenest district, Oceanhamnen. Just a stone’s throw from the city center and a couple of meters from the sea. A perfect place for new ideas and business ventures.

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“We love it here at United Spaces. We get our own office, but still get to enjoy all the great service and all the shared spaces. You don’t have to think about anything other than your work, which is a real luxury to me”

Martin / teamlead / intro

Come drink espresso with us

Want to see what it’s like here? Fantastic! Swing by for a nice cup of coffee and a tour. Or simply set up your laptop in our comfortable lounge and try working directly.

Like a traditional office, but smarter

Coworking Space in Helsingborg with everything you need

Welcome to United Spaces! Here, you’ll discover a top-notch workspace, regardless of whether you choose a lounge or your very own private office.

At United Spaces, we know that growth and well-being are vital to your company’s success. That’s why we go far beyond our fabulous work environments. We throw inspiring events, serve up breakfast buffets, offer lunchtime workouts, and host enjoyable after-work gatherings. Why? To make you miss the office when you’re not here.

The best part? Our coworking space in Helsingborg give you time for what’s most important so you can focus on what matters. We handle everything from setting up a nice breakfast and arranging interesting lunch seminars to the nitty-gritty stuff like making sure there’s enough printer ink, fresh coffee, smooth Wi-Fi, and fresh towels in the shower. It’s all designed to let you do what you do best – your work.

Does our coworking space in Helsingborg sound like the perfect fit for you and your team? Fantastic! Swing by for a nice cup of coffee and a tour!

The benefits of coworking

Coworking has many advantages, which you’ll notice from day one.

Say goodbye to long lease agreements

With us, you’ll only rent what you need. No more, no less. On top of that, you can always adjust as your needs evolve. At United Spaces, we offer dedicated desks, private offices (for both individuals and teams), and lounge spots. Many of our members customize their setup by combining a private office with lounge or desk space. Did we mention that we’re all about tailoring to your needs?

Perfect work environments for every occasion

At our coworking space in Helsingborg, you’ll find a broad range of options for basically any kind of workday. We have ergonomic desks, private offices for uninterrupted focus, and comfy sofas in the lounge (ideal for work or lunch breaks). Of course, we also have meeting rooms for brainstorming and event spaces for larger groups.

Expand your network effortlessly

Whether you’re looking for new clients, making connections, or exploring potential partnerships, sharing space with other ambitious and forward-thinking entrepreneurs is incredibly convenient. At our Spaces, you’ll be office neighbors (or lunch buddies) with other creative and ambitious individuals. New collaborations often spark to life at our networking events. Or, maybe even more often, casual conversations by the coffee machine.

Everything is included – so you can focus on what matters

For us, coworking means that everything is included. We’ll make sure that what you need is readily available and working perfectly. We offer a great breakfast, arrange inspiring lunch seminars and always serve gingerbread for Christmas. But we also know that the little details are (at least) equally important. That’s why we pride ourselves in keeping the printer toned, the coffee hot, the Wi-Fi quick, and the towels for the shower fresh. Welcome to United Spaces. A finely tuned system designed to let you focus on what you do best – your work.

Our coworking space in Helsingborg

Our coworking space in Helsingborg is nestled in the bustling Oceanhamnen district. Located within the newly constructed GreenHaus, you’ll have access to 1200 square meters of coworking space designed for maximum comfort. Just a short walk from the Central Station, you’ll enjoy a workspace with a scenic sea view and all the amenities you need for a productive day.

Are you in search of a place where you and your company can grow? Perfect! Our coworking space in Helsingborg is precisely that. With flexible lease contracts and the ability to combine different kinds of offices and workspaces, you can choose exactly what suits you. At the moment. And if that moment changes? Simply switch to something else. Like a traditional office, but smarter.