Come grow with us

Come grow with us

For those looking for a place where connections happen, ideas come to life and new business is created. Welcome to a workspace designed to make people and companies prosper.

Coworking at United Spaces

Looking forward to go to work? We absolutely get it

Our idea starts with you and your team. We know that if you thrive, your business will do the same. That’s why we offer more than just a workplace. Exceptional coffee, lunch workouts, truly inspiring networking and a breakfast buffet to die for are just a few examples of what you’ll get out of your membership. Our business is simple: we want to be a place that’s the opposite of Monday anxiety.

We’re exactly what you need

One size fits no one. So, rent what you need at the moment and adjust as you go along. You can mix and match as you please: choose between a private office (we’ve got everything from real small nooks to ginormous halls), your own desk or a lounge seat. And of course, you’re welcome to stay as long as you want. Heads-up though, most of our members find it hard to leave.


Do you want to learn more, book a tour, or give it a try for a day?

Fantastic! Fill in your details, and we’ll get in touch.

Come grow with us

Come grow with us

Come grow with us

Everything’s included, so you can do you.

We’ll take care of the stuff you don’t have the energy for. Like contracting a cleaner, order coffee and some nice, foamy shampoo – ready whenever you need it. We are happy to arrange an excellent breakfast buffet, after work, summer party and even a semla for International Semla Day. We also make sure that you’ll never have to worry about internet connection, printer compatibility, fresh towel supply, or anything like that. So you can focus on more important things – like your actual job.

Need help?

“I really like it at United Spaces – so much better than other places we’ve tried before. We have our own office here, but we still get great service and access to all public areas. And the best part is that you don’t even have to think about it. It just works.”

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Where to find us

Board meeting or quick sync-up? We’ve got the meeting rooms

Big rooms, small rooms, recording studios, or event spaces. We have room for all kinds of meetings and make sure that everything works without hassle. We’ll give you space to be creative, productive and effective. Everyone’s welcome to book a space with us. However, keep in mind that members get a 30% discount.

Meeting rooms

“United Spaces have become a cornerstone of our work. You add so much social value and the spaces are simply amazing. Thank you for everything you do, guys!”