Office hotel Malmö

Welcome to United Spaces’ office hotel in Malmö, featuring flexible and inspiring work environments for businesses and entrepreneurs. Our modern office spaces are designed to promote creativity, innovation, and collaboration, located at central addresses close to the city’s pulse and business opportunities.

Coworking spaces

Bistro & bar

1 700 sqm

6 meeting rooms


Our coworking space in Studiohuset is located at one of the best addresses in Malmö, right next to the University and the Central Station. Welcome to a workspace that’s close to everything.

“We love it here at United Spaces. We get our own office, but still get to enjoy all the great service and all the shared spaces. You don’t have to think about anything other than your work, which is a real luxury to me”

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Come drink espresso with us

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Why rent office rooms?

Renting office space with us gives you the freedom to focus on what matters most – your business. Here, you get flexible agreements, truly delightful work environments, and a setup where everything is included, allowing you and your team to work efficiently and without distractions. Being a member of United Spaces also makes it easy to expand your business network and connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs without even leaving the office.

Sustainability and community

At United Spaces, we are passionate about both sustainability and community because they are interconnected. Our office hotels in Malmö consider the environment – both through sustainable material choices and energy-efficient solutions, but also by having all members share spaces like kitchens, bars, and lounges. We know that it is in the meeting with others that both people and businesses grow. Community is the foundation for new ideas, relationships, and businesses – and for a work environment where people truly thrive.

Modern office spaces

We offer modern office spaces tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. Here, there's a mix of open workspaces, private offices, and common areas, creating a work environment where you feel good and are productive.

Why choose United Spaces office hotel in Malmö?

Choosing United Spaces' office hotel in Malmö means choosing a place where your company can grow and flourish. We not only provide flexible workspaces but also an exciting network of like-minded entrepreneurs, access to interesting events and workshops, and opportunities to collaborate and create new business prospects.