Diversity, innovation and wellbeing

Let’s talk! Diversity, innovation and wellbeing – making the tech industry better! March 8 at 8.30-10.00 at United Spaces Lindholmen


PUBL. 2024/02/13


Join us with Women in Tech Gothenburg for an inspirational and innovative breakfast talk.

Friday, March 8th, at United Spaces Lindholmen!

The tech industry is vital to Sweden’s economy, with a growing demand for skilled professionals. Nevertheless, there’s a noticeable trend of experienced talent, particularly women, leaving the industry due to unequal opportunities and discriminatory cultures. Gender equality and inclusion are crucial for innovation and organisational resilience.

”Rewrite the Code” was born from the shared experiences of women and non-binary individuals facing discrimination in tech. Sponsored by Unionen and TechSverige, it aims to create a supportive environment for all talents, fostering a fair and equal tech industry.

”Rewrite the Code” is a tool kit from Women in Tech Gothenburg to help make the tech industry more inclusive and innovative. It is co-created for the tech industry by the industry itself, and is free to use for anyone who wants to work for gender equality, diversity and inclusion but doesn’t know how, or where to start. The tool kit is based on a workshop series with about 100 participants with a wide representation from the tech industry in West Sweden, and accompanied by surveys, inspiration, research articles, checklists, tips and other resources.

During this breakfast event our panel of experts will dive into the tool kit and give you hands-on solutions, inspiration and tips on how to make your physical workplace a more innovative and inclusive one.

Alexandra Hegmann, Team Lead at Women in Tech, and Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund, Team & Business Development, are diving deep into the topic this morning. And our CEO, Emelie Mannheimer, will be there to moderate the discussion session. Don’t miss out!

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